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Naschbox without nuts


Who stole the nut? You surely won´t find it in this Naschbox. The mixed products taste fruity like apricot and passion fruit or maybe with a slight taste of vanilla, but are guaranteed to be nut-free.



The Naschbox without nuts* contains:
  • homemade apricot jam
  • fresh marshmallows with vanilla
  • sweet vanilla meringue
  • freshly baked Gugelhupf (ring cake)
  • passion fruit dressing for a fresh and fruity salad

*All products are manufactured without artificial preservatives.

Additional information

Additional information

250g apricot jam

(VEGAN) Ingredients: 65% apricots, 32% granulated sugar, 2% lemon, 1% apple pectin, no allergens

80g marshmallows

Ingredients: 62% sugar, 12% starch (potato), 12% icing sugar, 4% egg white, vanilla sugar, vegetable oil; Allergens: egg

35g meringue

Ingredients: 32% egg white, 32% granulated sugar, 32% icing sugar, vanilla sugar; Allergens: egg

350g Gugelhupf (ring cake)

Ingredients: 25% butter, 21% flour, 17% sugar, 15% egg white, 10% egg yolk, 1.6% cocoa, 1.4% sunflower oil, icing sugar, vanilla sugar, rum, milk or lactose, traces of soya, celery, mustard, nuts; Allergens: flour, egg white, egg yolk, milk or lactose

230ml passion fruit dressing

Ingredients: 20% olive oil, 68% passion fruit puree, 6.8% granulated sugar, 3.4% vinegar aceto balsamico, 1% sea salt, chilli pepper; Allergens: sulphites

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