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Naschbox without Moo


The homemade marshmallows with original bourbon vanilla are white, but it has nothing to do with milk. No matter if Piedmont nuts or sweet meringue – everything guaranteed to be 100% lactose-free.



The Naschbox without Moo* contains:
  • fruity mango chutney
  • fresh marshmallows with vanilla note
  • sweet vanilla meringue
  • blanched almonds with salt crust
  • Piedmont nuts with chocolate

*All products are manufactured without artificial preservatives.


Additional information

Additional information

130g mango-chutney

Ingredients: 71% mango, 14% organic cane sugar, 7.1% apple vinegar, cardamom, chilli peppers, ginger, cinnamon, lemon, salt; Allergens: gluten-containing cereals, peanuts, soya, sesame seeds, nuts and traces of egg, milk or lactose, celery

80g marshmallows

Ingredients: 62% sugar, 12% starch (potato), 12% icing sugar, 4% egg white, vanilla sugar, vegetable oil; Allergens: egg

35g meringue

Ingredients: 32% egg white, 32% granulated sugar, 32% icing sugar, vanilla sugar; Allergens: egg

100g salted almonds

Ingredients: 79% blanched almonds, 13% sea salt, 8% egg white; Allergens: egg, nuts (almonds)

85g Piedmont nuts

Ingredients: 57% hazelnuts, 29% Callebaut chocolate, 14% cocoa; Allergens: soya, milk or lactose traces of nuts, sesame seeds

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